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Be a catalyst for new ideas and reach the forward-thinkers of Northeast Florida by speaking at EnterCircle 2024. Have an inspiring story about how you harnessed the power of unexpected opportunities? We'd love to hear from you.





the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.

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This year's theme of "Unlocking Serendipity" explores the power of meaningful connections, accepting change, and embracing serendipitous moments. 

Do you have a story of when an unexpected or extraordinary event happened to you and endless possibilities were opened to you? Maybe you went to a networking event and made a connection that propelled you to new heights. Maybe you made a new discovery that opened your eyes to new ways to operate your business or your life. 

Whatever the serendipitous moment was, what did you do with it? We want to explore how to connect the dots between the moment and the next steps of the journey that will lead you to success. 

When we make proactive decisions, connect with new people, and adapt, we can create great things.


EnterCircle speakers gain access to a platform to share their story and valuable insights while highlighting their brand in front a hyper-local audience.

EnterCircle is a dynamic five-day summit where professionals and youth from a variety of industries and career levels come together to share connect, and stimulate growth the region. 

This annual event  brings together hundreds of thought-leaders to one inspiring place to share powerful strategies for growth in every sector of our attendees' lives. From financial education, hands-on workshops, and stories of triumph, our attendees takeaway a wealth of knowledge from each section of the program. 


Elevate your network and discover new business prospects with this exceptional opportunity.

Submit your application today and let us know why you would be a good fit to speak to our audience.

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